Top Ten Tuesday: My Ten Most Read Authors

So, once again I’ve decided to do Top Ten Tuesday (I did one back at the start of July and none since). Anyway, TTT is a weekly bit of bookish fun which originated at The Broke and The Bookish. Every week there is a new top ten list and followers are invited to share their answers! This week, as the title suggests, is my 10 most read authors! I thought this was also a good time to show you my favourite books by those authors as those you read most tend to be your favourites!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Hyped Books I’ve Never Read

So, following the example of bluechickenninja I’ve decided to do this Top Ten Tuesday (whether or not I do any others is another thing, but I had opinions for this one). Anyway, TTT is a weekly bit of bookish fun which originated at The Broke and The Bookish. Every week there is a new top ten list and followers are invited to share their answers!

As can be established by the title, this week is “Top Ten Hyped Books I’ve Never Read” which is self explanatory. So, it’s now on with the show. I’ll warn you, I apparently have some very sassy opinions that I didn’t know I had until I sat down with my laptop to write this!

overhypedAs you can see, this is a very big variety of genre and age and everything – and some of these I have every intention of actually remedying the fact I haven’t read quite soon!

The Lord of the Rings (and The Hobbit for that matter) are books that I’ve had on my shelf for years. Still haven’t read them, I just can’t seem to find the motivation. I know so many people love them but I’m just indifferent to them. I’ve not seen any of the movies, I just find that I’ve never really cared. I’d like to read it to see if I can change that opinion I have set in though!

Next up is The Cloud Atlas which is a book I have actually owned since I was sitting my GCSEs about 5 or 6 years ago. I did finally read some David Mitchell in the form of The Bone Clocks, and I would quite like to read this. It’s a book that has always been very much “I’d like to read you… but not right now”!

The Fairyland series is one that I see everywhere with such high appraisal that it really sours my opinion of it. People gushing over something is a sure way to get me to not gush over it. So, while I think that yes, I may enjoy this, I am going to wait it out and then see how I feel about it in a few months because, honestly, the amount of saccharine sweetness that has surrounded reviews of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making really makes me go in to a coma! Bitchy? Maybe.

The Hunger Games, quite simply,has never appealed to me. I know so many people who couldn’t put it down but nope, it just didn’t interest me. I’ve not seen the movies either and honestly, I don’t care!

Now, Pride and Prejudice is a representation of Jane Austen as a whole. I have read Persuasion and I have confidence that I will eventually, at least, try to reread Pride and Prejudice without and prejudice of my own. But it has to be said, me and Jane have never got on in the past. I’m going to be trying some Austen again in the near future but I shall be watching adaptations prior to reading – I’m not sure how well this will help but I do, at least, have some hope!

Fangirl just irritates me. I hate all the fuss about Rainbow Rowell and honestly, just the description on goodreads has me not wanting to read this book (it uses the words “coming of age” which instantly set alarm bells ringing in my head because I have never, once, identified with any tale that uses the phrase “coming of age” and generally I get infuriated very quickly). Again, it is a book I would at least like to say I have read before I say I categorically hate it, but I will probably be locating it from alternate means to full price in a bookshop.

The Fault in our Stars just gives me icky feelings. I know people get cancer, I know people die and I know sometimes they’re my age or younger but… just the premise of this book just makes me uncomfortable. For that reason alone, I don’t think I’d ever even consider reading this. Romanticising cancer (however much you try and play it down, it is romanticising cancer) is not cool. I will also, definitely, not watch the movie.

Gone Girl, meh, this just doesn’t really float my kayak. A lot of my non-reader friends actually read this and enjoyed it but for me it just didn’t appeal. Maybe I will read it one day if I’m bored but, honestly, there’s no ‘attraction’ to it for me (aside from the cover, which is pretty cool!)

A Game of Thrones is self explanatory, surely? All my friends were reading this at school 3 or 4 years ago. Again this is one I’d like to read but I would like to read a lot of other things a lot more…! The TV series has successfully been avoided and, right now, so are the books!

Finally we have Ready Player One which is one I have here just because I’ve heard so much about the title but so little about the book. I know a lot of people received this as a proof/ARC and again there was a boom last summer as Ernest Klein’s next book is to soon be published. Anyway, I’m always dubious of books that are all over every blogging platform but you learn very little about – a review of “zomgz I couldn’t put this down” is sadly not enough to sway me! I think I may give this a go, though it is likely to be a kindle purchase (like many of the books above!)

So, yes, this is surprisingly bitchy and I’m sorry. I’m not normally so rude but I decided to not sugar coat this! Honourable mentions to TwilightDivergentThe Mortal Instruments, and most other YA series here which I’ve also sort of hidden from!

Are there books that you’ve never read because they’ve been overhyped? Are there any currently hyped books that you’ve not read/are avoiding? Are there any hyped books that you feel deserve it?