Hi! So you want to know more about me? I’m Ashleigh, I’m 23 and I’m a self-professed (failed) mad scientist who loves books more than most other things. My goal in life is to have a room full of books, and a dog called Virginia Woolfhound (even if she’s not a wolfhound).

This blog began in 2013 when I was accepted to university, and initially was going to be a general blog about life and my journey through university. However, as it happened, it phased in to predominantly a book-based blog. I read because I like to escape from real life, I think most readers do. But the nature of my degree (Natural Sciences) meant that I really wanted a creative outlet, and from that desire came this blog.

I’ve been reviewing books here since the Summer of 2014, and one thing you’ll notice is my taste is quite eclectic. It was always, it’s just my nature, but thanks to the wider bookish community I have branched out even further! I tend to read more classics and literary fiction, but don’t think that’s all your getting here. I love to read anything, and will try anything once. If you think I’ll love a book? Don’t be shy, tell me!


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