Blog: January 2019

Wrap Up - 01 - January

Hello chums and happy February to you all! I hope this blog finds you all well and settling in to 2019 nicely!

Today it’s a wordy post as I’m going to be talking about my January highlights, this isn’t going to be solely book related but will instead include a general overview of January with some of my favourite things. Hopefully a little more interesting than a blow-by-blow account of all the things I read and the statistics of it all. But if you don’t give a toss about reading this, that’s also fine. Bookish related posts will resume tomorrow with a Wellcome Prize 2019 introduction!

So January started out really well for me – I was off work the first week and got a tonne of reading done, I was setting quite the pace. And then all the overworking I did over Christmas and New Year (and the flu) caught up with me which lead to a flare-up of my fibromyalgia. The medication I was on was completely useless so I’ve also had to change all my medication, and anyone who has ever been on long-term medication will tell you the transition from one course of drugs to another is like the worst hangover of your life without any of the fun the night before. So for the second half of January I was bedbound, suffering from a new-medication-hangover and also got another cold. Not the best start to 2019 it has to be said! Thankfully I’m now on the mend; the new tablets seem to be working, the cold is slowly clearing up and I’m hoping to be back at work in the next couple of weeks.

Now on to my highlights! For me the book of January was Michelle Obama’s autobiography – though it’s a pretty hard call when I read 10 books, 7 of which were either 4 or 5 stars! But Becoming was definitely something special – Michelle Obama is an incredible woman, the fact her husband was President of the United States is a complete side note. I found this book inspiring and engaging and I was awake until 2am to finish it.

Next on my list of favourites this month is candles. When you’re living in your bedroom and unable to move enough to get out of it having a candle or two is a good way to just change things up and make it feel less oppressive. My favourite candle as of late is Woodwick’s Baby Powder – it’s really comforting and has lasted so well. However, I also want to share a fantastic little business with you which is The Rose and Thistle Wax Patisserie. The candles and wax melts produced in this woman’s home are amazing – if you love Lush then this is the shop for you because she does dupes. Candles that smell like your favourite Lush products. Can you think of anything more delightful? My sister got me a couple of her Sleepy Time candles which smell like Twilight (she knows me so well) for Christmas and I’ve burnt through both of them in January because they’ve been lit for a good proportion of most days.

January also saw me become re-addicted to The Sims 4. I think a lot of people have waves of enjoyment with it and I’m certainly one of them. But I’ve clocked up an embarrassing amount of time on it in January. It’s just nice and mindless and has been a perfect escape for me this month.

Other little things I’ve been enjoying which don’t warrant a full paragraph are Body Shop’s Green Tea range (absolutely divine and has cleared my eczema prone scalp/neck), English Tea Shop tea (particularly the chocolate and berry, and chamomile and lavender), Season 5 of Grace and Frankie, The Green Roasting Tin cookbook and finally, my trusty electric blanket and 4.5 tog socks.

Now on to February. February marks the start of the Wellcome Prize, the longlist is announced tomorrow and I for one cannot wait. One thing I really, really loved last year was following the prize and reading the longlist and I can’t wait to do that again this year. Personally February is going to be exciting because it’s 1 year until my best friend gets married and we’re going wedding dress shopping! Smaller things I’m looking forward to in February are Season 3 of One Day At A Time on Netflix, the Six Nations (I’m team Scotland!) and hopefully some more consistent reading.

On that note I’m going to stop bleathering and wrap this up. If you’ve read all of this, kudos to you. I’d love to hear your Body Shop recommendations or favourite tea flavours or candle scents. I’m always happy to have a chat about such things. Happy February folks and speak to you soon.


2 thoughts on “Blog: January 2019

  1. lydiaemily says:

    I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend, I hope that your new medication helps you feel a bit better and your fibro eases up a bit ♥ Also I’ve been really wanting to buy The Green Roasting Tin so excited to see that it’s on your list of favourites. Do you reckon it’s worth buying? (I’m always so hesitant about buying cookery books, because of the expense haha!).

    I hope you have a wonderful February (and 2019) brings you lots more excellent books, comforting tv programmes, and yummy food!

    • ashleighmuses says:

      I would say yes it is worth it. I’ve been cooking two or three meals from it a week since I got it and there are things I never even thought of pairing there. Though if you live near a decent library you can probably borrow it and copy down the recipes that you like the sound of 😂

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