Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Bookish Settings I’d Love to Visit || Blogmas Day 5

So, today I’ve decided to do a Top Ten Tuesday. I used to really enjoy doing these on and off, and when I saw the topics for December I knew it would be a good discussion post once a week – and also something I could plan ahead!

This weeks topic is Bookish Settings I’d Love to Visit. Anyone who knows me will know what number 1 is on my list (*cough* Wizarding World *cough*) but the rest have been quite difficult for me to piece together and all come an equal second for a variety of different reasons.

05th - top 10 tuesday

Miss Qiunzilla Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hard-Core Lady-Types
So, I absolutely adore the Lumberjanes series – so much so that I think I’d want to go to the camp in it. I’d love to be friends with these girls, I’d just love to be one of those girls. It’s so weird and wacky and wonderful, I just love it and I challenge anyone to read this series and not be enchanted by the place! Naturally, I think a Summer spent in this camp would be great fun.

The Wayfarer
Again, The Long Way to A Small Angry Planet was one of my favourite books of 2016 – the follow up A Closed and Common Orbit has stuck with me all year. I loved the world that Becky Chambers build in this series, and I’d love to be planet-side in the world she made, but there’s something pretty cool about spaceships and I for one would be happy to be aboard a ship as diverse as this one! Just think of all the places I could go if I commandeered a spaceship?!

The Mistborn series is one I read at the start of 2016 and I can remember it just as vividly now as I did the day I finished it. Luthadel is one of the most complex worlds I’ve ever immersed myself in in literature, I remember just devouring the three books in the space of a couple of weeks and that’s all down to the world that Brandon Sanderson created. Obviously, if I were to live in this world I would want to be an Allomancer but I just found it so rich that I’d love to visit – just for a holiday. Not sure I could deal with all the politics!

Oz – The Emerald City
Oz is by no means the technicolour wonderland that Judy Garland and her pals made it out to be in the 1939 movie, but it’s a world I would love to visit – both the world Baum created and the world that Gregory McGuire took from it to create Wicked. I can just imagine taking photos of the Emerald City and the Yellowbrick Road – you know, the usual touristy stuff! I imagine it to be such a vibrant, colourful place with a lot of history – so yeah, Oz (specifically the Emerald City) would definitely be on my fictional list of holiday destinations.

The Secret Garden
I’m trying to think outside the box now, and when thinking outside the box I thought of the garden in The Secret Garden. When I first read the book it enchanted me, and even now when I pick the book back up I love it. I think I could happily spend an afternoon reading in the garden

Manderley from Rebecca is one of those fictional places which I don’t think I could ever forget. Anyone who knows me knows that Rebecca is one of my favourite books of all time, but Manderley as a place is just as much part of my love of it as the story. Obviously I would want to see it before the events at the end of the book happened, to see it in all of it’s beauty. It always felt like such an imposing house when I read the book, but I always imagined it was immaculate – who wouldn’t want to see a stately home on in the Cornish countryside? I can’t imagine a nicer place to visit (woman in the attic aside!)

Sarah Waters’ Victorian London
Because there are an obscene amount of lesbians just floating about the place and I’m totally up for that. I mean it isn’t the best place to be a woman, but I’m sure I could find a niche for a short while – and it’s better than any alternative Victorian London.

Village in the Swiss Alps
I adore the village in Heidi. Heidi is just one of those feel good books that gives me warm fuzzies, and the little village in the middle of the Alps seems like a perfect holiday destination. Okay, so the Alps aren’t exactly ‘fictional’ but this particular village seems so idyllic and from reading it I only have fond memories of both the book, and the place that Johanna Spyri created. Who doesn’t love log cabins on mountainsides and goats for pets?

Marie Brennan’s Memoirs of Lady Trent series has become one of my favourite fantasy series. While I don’t think I’d much enjoy the society in the world she created, who wouldn’t like to see dragons? I absolutely love the idea of being able to see all manner of dragons and sea serpents and yes – while society is very Victorian, I think if I could be Lady Trent’s friend we would take over the world together. And see lots of dragons.

The Wizarding World in Harry Potter
Just all of it. Every single bit of it. Going to the studio tour gives just a small smattering of what it would be like to walk the halls of Hogwarts or the cobbles of Diagon Alley. I think this will be a lot of peoples top choice, and I don’t think it needs much explanation. I’m 24 and still waiting for my letter to Hogwarts, I’m a proud Slytherin. I’d also love to see more of the wizarding world in general, the wizarding world worldwide – I love what is being created in Fantastic Beasts, and I’d really love to know more about the American magical culture. Also, in the least weird way possible I’d like to go inside Newt Scamanders Trunk.

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday – 10 Bookish Settings I’d Love to Visit || Blogmas Day 5

    • ashleighmuses says:

      I’d love to see the house that Manderley was based on (Menabilly) – it’s just such an expensive holiday, even though it’s only about a 6 hour drive or 3(!) trains! Though Cornwall is lovely, can’t really do it as a day trip!

  1. lydiaemily says:

    Ashleigh, I think it’s important that we find a way to visit Sarah Water’s Victorian London. I just feel like my life would be improved 100% by visiting that setting.
    This is such a cute tag/post!!

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