The I’ve Bought a Lot of Books Book Haul || Book Haul X


Yes. That’s right. I have bought a LOT of books since Christmas, and I’m a little bit in love with each and every one of them. A fair number of these you’ll have already seen from various TBRs and reviews, as I’ve already read a good number of them!

We shall start with the classics; I’ve purchased a handful of PEL editions and also some new Little Black Classics. I bought some more from Arthur Conan Doyle to add to my Sherlock Holmes collection, The Valley of Fear and both the Sherlock Holmes short story collections; The Adventure of the Engineer’s Thumb and Other Cases and The Adventure of the Six Napoleon’s and Other Cases. Also to add to the PEL collection are The Scarlet Letter and Two on a Tower. The Little Black Classics I picked up one of the first 80 released last year and then 7 of the new ones released; including Daphnis and Chloe, and shorter books by three of my favourite authors; Mary Shelley’s Matilda, George Eliot’s The Lifted Veil and Virginia Woolf’s Flush.

This past few months I’ve been really in to independent publishers, as a result I’ve purchased a fair number of books from &Other StoriesSalt, and one book from Comma Press. I can honestly see a lot of these becoming my favourite books, especially one I have already reviewed The Alphabet of Birds and also, Kirsty Logan’s The Rental Heart. A few of these are pretty hyped, particularly New World Fairy Tales, The Book Collector, Don’t Try This at Home and A Guide to Being Born. But if it wasn’t for those books being hyped I’d never have found some of the others! However, I would highly recommend checking out some of these presses as they are honestly fabulous – the customer service is incredible (I got the cutest postcard with my order from Salt!) and I can’t wait to finish these so I can order some more!

For general fiction, I haven’t been as interested as of late. Most of these were impulse buys, but nonetheless I’ve wanted to read a few of them. The Blind Assassin is pretty self explanatory, it’s Margaret Atwood, but it is also signed which made it all the more exciting to bring home. Catherynne M. Valente and Helen Oyeyemi are both authors I hear about so much, so I really wanted to try some of their work out (especially Catherynne’s adult fiction). The Tiny Wife is one that has been on my radar for a while after I loved All My Friends are Superheroes, and I just really waned to read The Vegetarian as the topic really interested me!

Non-fiction is something I’ve been really in to as of late. I feel I’ve bought more and just can’t find them. These are all very different books which just interested me. I’ve already reviewed Headstrong, which is at it’s crux both a scientific and feminist book. The Story of Egypt is to sate the cravings I have for some ancient history, Junk DNA has been on my radar since it was released in hardback but I waited for the paperback so it matched my other book by the author. Brian Cox is Brian Cox, and this book sounded intriguing.

Lastly, a couple of books which have their own picture. Hold Your Own, a poetry collection
which has received a tonne of hype and I have been avoiding because of it. I picked it up in my local Waterstones, read the first poem and bought it. I am by no means a poetry expert but I really do want to get in to it. And then we have the crowning jewel of my book collection – the Virago Designer Edition of My Cousin Rachel. My du Maurier VDC collection is complete. Isn’t it beautiful? Doesn’t it look happy with it’s sisters?

So that’s the end of this haul. I can’t imagine there will be another in the near future, this was an accumulation of books over 3 or 4 months; including a final splurge because I allowed myself £10 per 1000 words of my dissertation. My dissertation is 10000 words. I spoilt myself!

I’d love to know which books you think I ought to get to sooner rather than later, if you’ve read any of these and recommend them I genuinely do bump them up my list a bit!

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