2015 Wrap-Up & January TBR

Happy 2016! I hope this coming year is going to be wonderful for you. I’m currently snowed under with coursework and still feel like death so this is going to be woefully brief I think!

2015 Reading Wrap-Up
I decided to do a wrap up of the entirety of 2015. I read a total of 35893 pages which is just incredible and I finished the year having read 97 books, I was aiming for 100 but had a slump in the last 10 days of December and read pretty much nothing! I was apparently quite generous this year as my average rating was 3.8*.

I’m not going to dwell on least favourite books but my favourite of the year was definitely The Count of Monte Cristo. Although, Orlando is the only book I have read twice in quick succession since I first read Harry Potter!

December Wrap Up
In December I read 9 books, albeit 5 were rereads of Harry Potter. I did really enjoy that and there is something special about rereading around Christmas time. I did two bulk reviews of those if anyone is interested.

Other books I read were equally as fantastic! Out of them the best has to be The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus but close second is probably du Maurier’s Don’t Look Now and other Stories.

Thanks to my reread, my average rating was 4.4 in December and I read a total of 4077 pages!

January TBR
Ah. A fresh new year. The next few months are going to be hideously stressful for me and as such, reading is probably going to slow down. But as for books I want to get through before it all becomes hideously stressful…


Okay, I appreciate that is hideous photography on my part. I’ve already started The Mill on the Floss – I really enjoyed Silas Marner and was a bit indifferent about Middlemarch but I really love Eliot’s writing so I’m excited to get my teeth right in to this.

I want to start on the Mistborn trilogy. Have had them on my shelf for a long time now and it’s about time they were read. I haven’t really dipped my toe in to the realms of fantasy but I’m looking forward to reading this series.

The Hobbit is a book I’ve shamefully not read yet. I’m changing that this month.

Finally, The Making of a Marchioness. I absoloutely adore The Secret Garden and I really want to finally get around to reading this one. A beautiful Persephone edition helps.

2 thoughts on “2015 Wrap-Up & January TBR

  1. clicksclan says:

    I hope you enjoy The Hobbit. 🙂

    I’m currently rereading The Lord of the Rings as motivation for a Middle-earth themed walking challenge I’ve started. Looking forward to hearing what you think of The Hobbit.

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