Blog: A Migraine is Not Just a Headache || Blogmas Day 17

I felt like a failure yesterday because I wasn’t able to blog. When I commit to something I intend to see it through so failing to blog on the 16th day of blogmas really had me beating myself up. It’s silly, it’s stupid but it’s the kind of person I am. All because I had a migraine.

I’m still unwell, I’m a little better than I was yesterday but still struggling. It’s taken me all day, in short bursts, to actually write this. I’ve slept most of the last 48 hours and when I’m awake it’s not just a headache, migraines completely drain you of all energy. They affect me by making me feel sick, in combination with the CFS symptoms I was pretty much bed bound for 2 days – needing help to just get from one room to another because I can’t walk straight and every movement had me near tears. It’s like being pissed without any of the fun!

There are so many symptoms that make a migraine more than a headache. Seeing stars isn’t just a myth. My senses all become very sensitive; smells make me feel nauseous. I become really sensitive to touch – both from people and stationary objects, just a blanket is enough to make me uncomfortable. Everything is stupidly loud, every noise is too much. There is nothing worse than being unwell and also being unable to do anything, which is pretty much what a migraine leaves me with. I can’t read, I can’t watch TV or listen to music, I can’t even use my laptop! Sensory overload.

So hopefully normal service will resume soon. Hopefully I’ll feel better soon.

2 thoughts on “Blog: A Migraine is Not Just a Headache || Blogmas Day 17

  1. lydiaemilyy says:

    Migraines are the worst. I detest when people call headaches migraines, because they are just not the same in any way. Personally my symptoms are the flashing lights aura/blind spots, nausea, a fever, splitting headache, and generally a body that feels like its dying??? They’re awful. I’m glad I have medication that reduces the severity of the symptoms, but they’re awful things. Plus then there’s the next day “spaced out” feeling.

    I know it’s hard not to feel guilty, but I hope you don’t feel too bad for missing a day of blogging. I know the associated guilt that comes with migraines (because I feel awful if I have to miss something because of these bloody things), but it’s not your fault and you need to rest up and let your boy recover. I hope you recover soon. Take care of yourself <33

  2. kacyjey says:

    I’ve been getting migraines since sixth grade. A few years ago my doctor had me try these melts. You dissolve one in your month when the flashy lights start and for me it ends the lights. Plus, I don’t get any pain! He said it works for only about fifty percent of migraine suffers, but hey it’s worth a shot. It’s called, Maxalt. Licorice seems to help sometimes, too when I start to feel I might be getting one soon. Good luck.

    Karen aka Kacy author of Jolene, You’re Not a Monster

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