Books My Sister Has Bought Me || Blogmas Day 14

One thing I love about my sister is she has a beautiful taste in books and is normally drawn in by a beautiful cover. My sister is one of the most creative people I know, her own artwork is incredible and because she’s so artistic I think she has more appreciation for the artwork that goes in to a book than the words in the pages. Naturally, because of her appreciation for a beautiful book she has given me some corkers over the years.


There are many more, I am sure, but these are the ones she has gifted me in the recent years… and she wanted to take the picture so included an apple. Because that’s how my sister rolls.

The Penguin editions speak for themselves. She tends to treat me to one of those a year but likes to find other beautiful books for me to have on my shelves. She also bought both The Bone Clocks and The Book of Strange New Things for me which are incredibly beautiful covers.

However, the two books I want to look at more are Black Beauty and Harry Potter Page to Screen.

20151214_200322863_iOSI will start with the easier one. This is a limited edition of Black Beauty. Jarrold’s, a department store in Norwich, started off as a printing press and were the first to publish Black Beauty. As it was recently the anniversary of this being published they did a reprint of the original with all original, colour, illustrations. I received this for my birthday. This book is undeniably beautiful and probably cost her a small fortune but I am so grateful to own this. The lighting of the photo is quite poor but is cloth bound with silver art on the front. I’m hoping to snuggle up and read this in the near future.

The other one I want to talk about is the Harry Potter Page to Screen book. She bought me this when I found out I had gotten in to university, or it may have been I had just finished my first year, either way she bought me this book. It is beautiful and, in my opinion, a must for any Potter fan.

Can you see what I mean about this book being incredible?! You go through the book from Philosopher’s Stone to Deathly Hallows, there are inserts of your Hogwarts Letter, a Marauders Map, Yule Ball invite, there are stickers (inside Advanced Potion Making), a catalogue for WWW… I’ve decided to keep all of my in the book but obviously you can take it out and display it should you wish to.

I don’t flick through this book frequently enough but whenever I look at it it does remind me of my sister. It is just the sort of thing that reminds me of her, even if she hadn’t bought it. It’s eccentric and the artistry that went in to it is incredible, it’s intricate and all of those things are my sister.

Sometimes, she buys me books that are a little out there, that I wouldn’t necessarily pick up for myself but I have to say, that girl has got style. If she goes in a book shop with me I relish in it because she’ll point out the pretty books that might not necessarily be in my comfort zone!

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