Tag: Winter is Coming || Bogmas Day 11

Happy Friday people! This is late as today was crazy, it was the last day of uni for the semester and was a lot busier than I anticipated.

Today, as promised, I am bringing you a tag. This tag was created by Katherine Barka and when I watched it over on Sam’s channel (Novels and Nonsense) I really wanted to give it a go. It’s been on my To Do list since this time last year and I discovered it in my notebook and decided that, as it’s nice and festive, it was perfect for the 11th day of Blogmas! Without further ado let’s get on to the questions…

1. Snow: It is beautiful when it first falls, but then it starts to melt. A book/book series that you loved at the beginning, but then, at the middle of it, you realized you don’t like it any longer.
Wuthering Heights. Unpopular opinion there. I always feel blasphemous when I say I didn’t like Wuthering Heights. I’ve always enjoyed it to about page 150 and then I just get really frustrated and angry with it.

2. Slowflake: Something beautiful and always different. Choose a book that stands out, that is different from all the other books you’ve read
countofmontecristoThe Count of Monte Cristo. I talk about this book a lot and I think the reason I do have such strong feelings about it is that I went in to it not really expecting much. I picked it up on a whim, even though it was a classic is was very far away from my usual comfort zone. It opened my mind to try new things, it’s a book that has just stuck with me and I find myself thinking about it a lot. I have these really vivid memories about it and a book hasn’t haunted me like that, ever.

Also, Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children… that book was very out of my comfort zone full stop and I loved it!

3. Snowman: It is always fun to make one with your family. Choose a book that a whole family could read.
It would be very easy to say Harry Potter here, and while I have said that I will also pick something different and say The Oz series by L Frank Baum. It’s a great read for any age and, also, has a good balance of male and female characters so there is someone for everyone to relate to!

4. Christmas: Choose a book that is full of happiness, that made you warm inside after reading it
Harry Potter?! No, an alternative answer to this is probably Ballet Shoes, I love that book. It’s heartwarming and really deserves more recognition!

5. Santa Claus: He brings wonderful presents. Choose a book that you’d like to get for ChristmasDr Jekyll
One that I know is just a pipedream is the VMC Designer edition of My Cousin Rachel. It’s out of print and so hard to find, if you do it’s extortionate but I would so, so love that book to add to my collection.

Failing that, I’d be happy with any Penguin special editions – clothbounds, english library, drop caps, christmas series… I love them all! Also, there is a new range of Penguin books designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith that are a rubber cover and they are beautiful as illustrated by the picture to the right. There are 10 books in this series and they are just to die for – but at £20 a piece they’re going to have to remain beautiful!

6. Snow bowling: It can be painful to be hit by a snowball. Choose a book that hurt, that made you feel some strong emotion, like sadness, or anger.
The last book that made me angry was actually Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix… That book enrages me quite a bit. It’s the least favourite in the series for me and yes, it infuriates me!

An answer that isn’t Harry Potter… The Dumb House by John Burnside. That book was creepy as hell, I loved it, it was like Criminal Minds in the written from but it really gave me some strong emotions!

7. Sledding: We all loved it when we were younger. Choose a book that you loved when you were a child.
So many! I’m going to have to pick the book I remember reading most as a child which was Owl Babies. I’m going right back to my early years here as I read this when I started primary school. It was one of my favourite books and I actually bought it for a friend as a joke gift last year!

8. Frostbite: Choose a book that you were really disappointed in.
Middlemarch. I’m saying no more.

9. Reindeer: Something that is dear to us. Choose a book that is of great sentimental value to you.
orginaljaneeyreI have several books that are very high on the sentimental list. For me it has to be Jane Eyre. It was the first classic I read as a teenager and I, sadly, have lost the copy I read originally but I loved that book literally to pieces; it was falling apart on the last read. I had the really ugly edition that I’ve put in a picture of, it was really thin paper and not well bound but I remember reading that book and being so grateful that my uncle introduced me to that book. I’ll have to thank him one day!