The Books that Made Me || Blogmas Day 10

So this is somewhat inspired by three sources, there is Cinzia’s (C.A. DuBois) video, Lauren’s (Reads and Daydreams) Bookish Beginnings tag and also Jen’s (JenVCampbell) tag called The Time and Place tag. Now, I wanted to do Jen’s tag desperately but I just don’t think of enough books to warrant it so I combined it with Lauren’s and threw in a bit of Cinzia and… came up with this today. So it’s a bit ad-lib and somewhat hurried but hopefully not lacking in content.

I’m going to share with you a few stories about my relationship with books and books that shaped me in one way or another. I’ve split it in to 6 categories and hopefully it makes some sense!

Tomorrow I will hopefully do a real tag and then Saturday will be a review all being well!

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