Autumn 2015 Book Haul || Book Haul VIII

This is a fairly chunky haul, not only that I feel I’ve forgotten a huge number of books I did buy since July (when I did my previous haul). I also realise, looking back on it, that I’ve included one book in here that I included in that. Oops.

20151130_203546838_iOSFirst category is Books I Got Given as Gifts. It’s a relatively small category as I generally don’t ask for books, it’s too big of a risk for others to take in case I already own the book! But these to the left are books that I was kindly given by family and friends and they’re beautiful.

The edition of Black Beauty was bought by my sister and is a limited edition run to celebrate the 150th birthday of the novel. For anyone who doesn’t know it was originally published by Jarold’s Publishing which is local to where I live and it is GORGEOUS. I am hoping to read it in the near future and will do a proper post about it.

Ali Smith & Harry Potter are self explanatory.

20151130_203819554_iOSThe books to the right are Books I Bought With Money/Gift Cards Given to Me for My Birthday. Primarily festive books, or at least books that look festive. At the top there are a couple of tiny books which I adore, I love them, they’re so cute. Four of these are the most beautiful things I’ve seen. The Complete Works of Carol Ann Duffy is honestly one of the most glorious books I’ve seen and I just had to buy it when I saw it. The Everyman’s Library edition of His Dark Materials has been on my radar for a long time and finally added to my bookshelf. I also have two of the Penguin Christmas Classics in the shape of The Nutcracker and The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus both of which seem very exciting.

I love this section of my haul very much.

20151130_203937983_iOSRandom Classics! I love a good classic and I know I have bought more than this in the past 4 months but it’s remembering which ones. At the bottom we have a bargain Barnes and Nobel leatherbound edition of Great Expections which I picked up for, wait for it, £4. Yep.

Then there are the two Virgao Designer Editions of Daphne du Maurier’s short story collections The Birds and Don’t Look Now which I am so happy to have. Some Nabokov above that, I found King, Queen, Knave in a book sale on campus, Lolita I paid £1 in a charity shop. Finally we have another Penguin Modern Classic in We Have Always Lived in the Castle which I tried to read 3 times in October and kept putting down.


Now is the general fiction which I feel ought to be a much larger section.

We have The Heart Goes Last by Atwood, another one I really need to read ASAP.

The Fair Fight I’ve seen compared to Sarah Waters and as I’ve run out of books by her to read I picked this one up. The Snow Child seems like a nice wintery read.

Now, one I picked up before I actually read her Man Booker shortlisted book was The People in the Trees because the cover is actually gorgeous and made me stop and look at it. I have no idea what it’s even about but I bought it. I’m really looking forward to it after reading A little Life.

And let’s just ignore the fact I’ve included Eating Fire again, shall we?

Finally in physical books an20151130_204346722_iOS all too brief Non-Fiction section. All but Spectacles were picked up in charity shops.

Yes Please is one I’ve heard loads about and finally picked up when it was £1. Travelling to Infinity is another one I NEED to read and haven’t yet. The one on the bottom is more of a coffee table book and full of useful information about the Seven Elements that Have Changed the World. Grand.

The last section is my Audiobook haul. Which is quite robust. I’d sort of hoarded Audible credits and then binge bought.

Told you it was extensive. So we have several classics, memoirs, a few literary fiction and a couple of short stories. A number I’ve already listened to but there are a LOT I am really looking forward to!

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