Top 5 Wednesday: Favourite Audiobooks || Blogmas Day 2

On the second day of blogmas this blogger gave to you A TOP 5 WEDNESDAY! I’ve never done a Top 5 Wednesday before, I have previously done Top Ten Tuesday but looking between the Top Ten Tuesday and Top 5 Wednesday topics for December, I decided on T5W! Top 5 Wednesday was created by Ginger Reads Lainey and the group can be found on Goodreads

So, today’s topic is Top 5 Audiobooks

Now I’m relatively new to the Audiobook but have fast grown to love it as a genre, because it is a genre in it’s own right at least for me. So. My top 5.

The Gracekeepers – Kirsty Logan
02 - gracekeepers

I love any book that is read by the author and this was no exception, it makes me incredibly happy that this was read by Kirsty as she just added something inexplicable to the story. Her light Scottish burr was just what this book needed for me and it was glorious. I really hope any future novels by Kirsty are also read by her.




Matilda – Roald Dahl
02 - matilda


I listened to this narrated by Kate Winslet. I wasn’t expecting to love it quite so much as I did. I intended to then listen to more of Roald Dahl’s work but just haven’t got around to it yet. It’s a great way to relive this childhood classic and, at only a few hours long, it is a very worthy way to spend an afternoon. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to relive their childhood for a little while!



Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell – Susanna Clarke

02 - jonathan strange


I had a bit of a love-hate relationship with this book but I think ultimately I enjoyed it because it was an audiobook. Simon Prebble was an incredible narrator and I’ve looked in to his catalogue and intend to listen to a lot more of what he has done. I absolutely cannot wait to listen to his Great Expectations!




Harry Potter Series – Stephen Fry

02 - harry potter


This absolutely had to be on my list, didn’t it? Nothing quite compares to reading the books but I’ve listened to the audiobooks in the past as a way to reread and Stephen Fry is just the most perfect narrator for these books. They’ve just become available on Audible and I know what I will be spending my credits on in the near future! If you haven’t tried them as audiobooks, seriously give it a go. Like in the case of Matilda it is the perfect way to relive a childhood favourite!



The Count of Monte Cristo – Alexandre Dumas
02 - montecristo


Finally it had to be The Count of Monte Cristo. THIS BOOK IS INCREDIBLE. This is actually the book that made me purchase an Audible subscription. The physical copy was great but intimidating and this, this, made me fall in love with audiobooks. I lost myself for many hours listening to this, colouring in and it was incredible. I still haven’t found an audiobook that compares to this and I really can’t wait to listen to The Three Musketeers read by Bill Homewood.

I LOVE audiobooks. I really love them. I’ve attempted some crazy long classics since I really discovered them, and mainly discovered I enjoyed them. Audiobooks are something I do use as a complimentary thing to the standard physical book quite often, especially with classics, it makes them so much more approachable and I’ve found since I’ve used audibooks I’ve got through a lot more classics. Seriously give it a try if you haven’t!