Blogmas (Or A Very Last Minute, Crazy, Decision)

So a number of people are doing Vlogmas on YouTube and, as I’m not a youtuber, I decided to use a bit of Goole-Fu and see if blogmas was a thing, and it is. So I’m doing it.

In the month of December, from the 1st to the 24th, I will upload a post every day! I’m hoping to get some good variety in. I’ve got a Book Haul, my TBR for December, undoubtedly I will have a number of book reviews which may or may not count towards my daily blog (depending on whether it’s a slow day!). I want to do a number of tags, I’d like to just do a few generic posts about things I achieved this year, things I want to achieve next year… Anyway, if you have any suggestions about what I should include in the next month I’d love to hear what you’d like to see!

I really want it to be good quality content, I don’t want to compromise that aspect. So I’m probably going to schedule a lot of content in order for it to slip.

I’m pretty excited about this up and coming month. I’m feeling mighty festive this Winter and I want to share that with you!

Review: Public Library + Other Stories – Ali Smith

Public LibraryAli Smith is probably my favourite living author. The way that woman can turn a sentence is just incredible and I honestly think her work just keeps getting better. Her short stories are always masterpieces and this collection is no different.

I will start with a simple statement; this isn’t her best collection, not by a long shot. But it is, nonetheless, amazing. I really liked the layout of this book in that each story is separated by an interlude from various people and how much libraries mean to them. The stories themselves were all perfectly readable but they were primarily 3* stories to start with and, in my opinion, the stories became stronger as the book moved on. The final 3 or 4 were amazing and if the whole book – or even just a couple more stories – were of that calibre I would very easily be able to give this 5*.

However, my final feelings with this book is that is was good, I loved it, it gave me everything I went in to it expecting but I didn’t feel it gave me much more which is what I was holding out for. Ali remains one of my favourite authors and I will read anything she writes, short story collections are notoriously hard for me as a reader to give 5* and this sadly just missed out (I gave it 4* if anyone cares!)

Final words are a big thank you to my lovely friend Sar for gifting me this for my birthday. It was very much loved & appreciated!