Review: A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens

taleoftwocitiesThis is my third foray in to Dickens and I’m quite glad it wasn’t my first. I may be about to be quite controversial here but… I didn’t really like this.

Now, don’t get me wrong this book was good in many ways. It met the expectations of what I have read of Dickens so far in terms of the writing, if anything this book was easier to follow the flow of in some ways. But I just didn’t like this book whatsoever on the plot front. I ended up getting it as an audiobook as I was finding it hard to engross myself in, which helped a little and got me through it.

The opening paragraph is possibly one of the best known in literature and I really thought I was settling down to something incredible and, in some ways, it was but it just didn’t capture me like his previous works have. I found this such a slog and, for me, there were very few shining moments. Honestly, if it wasn’t for part three this would probably have been a 1* for me. The last book of this novel made the slog of the first two parts almost worthwhile, almost. The characters on the whole were detestable, Lucie especially was infuriating; simpering fool of a girl, why everyone found her so wonderful I don’t know.

I hate to give a book a low rating but this one I have to. So it’s a 2* read. I’d only suggest this book if you’ve read Dickens in the past, in my opinion it’s not one to pick up as your first foray!