October Wrap-Up & November Goals

Happy November! Firstly I just have to say I love Autumn, October went far too quickly and I’m really not okay with it being November. It’s now only 24 days until I turn 22 and I’m not sure how I’m feeling about that, also, Christmas isn’t far away at all either – it’s terrifying but exciting all at once!

October Stats
Reading was more productive this month but, once again, a TBR went out of the window. I’ve been more emotional reading or reading what my mood takes me to. I’ve also been suffering with migraines this past month so I would probably have read more had I been able to – but as it stands I managed 6 books but, on page count, this was the worst month of the year for me! The 6 books totalled 1609 pages and averaged at 3.7*. There were 3 male and 3 female authors, one person of colour and a nice mix of genre. My favourite new book of the month was, obviously The House on the Strand by my beloved Daphne du Maurier however, I really think my favourite book was the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone but I feel picking that would be cheating!

November Goals
For November, I’m going to have goals rather than a TBR. I want to re-read the remainder of the Harry Potter series, I also want to read at least 5 books other than Harry Potter which is ambitious given my poor reading the last few months! I have 4 bits of coursework to write up this month so most of my time is going on to that but I need to relax some how!

One book I definitely want to read this month is The Public Library and Other Stories by Ali Smith which is published on Thursday and I have on pre-order!

I’ve already surpassed my GoodReads goal of 75 books for the year – I’d like to make it to 100 but I’m going to focus on page count rather than book numbers!

Anyway, if anyone has any recommendations for good books to get you out of a bit of a slump I’d love to hear them!