September Wrap Up & October TBR

On the whole, September was a really, really poor reading month for me. I read 4 books in full and still haven’t finished the fifth. On the whole, I have been in a bit of a reading slump and the fifth book I picked up has completely consumed me. A Little Life has rendered me rather incapable of being a book bigamist and has been the only book I can focus on, even if very little, for the better part of the month.

So with the four books I completed, two of which by John Burnside, The Dumb House was the best of the books I read. Middlemarch was a bit of a disappointment in the grand scheme of things – there is no denying Eliot is a fantastic writer but it just wasn’t really what I was hoping for. My average rating was 3.5 for the month, nothing really blew me away aside from The Dumb House which feels like I read it ages ago now.

20151003_144401297_iOSOctober I’m hoping will be a little more promising. I’ve been feeling that urge to just disappear in a book for a few days. I’m hoping I can get A Little Life finished in the next few days so I can finally pick something else up. I have a few books that I feel are good for October sitting there – some Wilkie Collins and a selection of Poe’s short stories and a bit of Sherlock Holmes. I also would like to read some more of the Man Booker shortlist even though the winner is announced in the not so distant future! The books I selected for the month are very classic heavy so I’m not entirely certain I will be able to manage them all but I can try!

A slightly different goal is that I want to make a bit more dedication to blogging this month as last month it fell by the wayside. So as I’ve slowed my reading I will be filling space with some different things; tags, academic, life… it’ll all be thrown in there!

Have a lovely October!

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