August Wrap-Up & September TBR (or not, as it happens)

I love doing wrap-ups, while it is the end of yet another month I do love seeing my month wrapped up in reading. I’m in denial that it’s already September and that I start my final year of my degree this month, albeit at the end of the month but I do have 3 full weeks of reading to enjoy before I have to get back to that!

August has been an interesting month, and a momentous one, I successfully read no book from the TBR I created at the start of the month! I was looking forward to all of the books I picked and then I just got sidetracked with other books, I don’t regret it whatsoever and by the last week or two of the month I decided that a fully unread TBR is better than a half read one so ignored it.

August Stats

I read 10 books in August totalling 3568 pages and an average of 357. 9 out of 10 of the books were written by women, the only one that wasn’t was All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman. There has been a real range in ratings too, from 1* to 5* with an average of 3.4*.

Oddly this month has had few stand out books for me, the one I think I can talk most fondly of is probably Flush by Virginia Woolf which is the only book I gave 5* this month. Honourable mentions to both Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell and Skin both of which I enjoyed every minute I was reading, but just lacked a little something for me to give 5*

September TBR

As August was an epic fail on the sticking to a TBR account this month I’m going to read whatever tickles my pickle. As it stands I’ve picked up Middlemarch already from last months TBR. Instead I’m going to give myself some “goals” because that still allows me some flexibility. I want to read one Persephone book. I also want to read more fantasy – I’ve been on a bit of a binge in August and can’t seem to get enough of it! I have several audiobooks to listen to so I want to break up staring at a book with listening to an audiobook and playing copious amounts of solitaire!

I think they’re doable goals. If anyone has any bookish recommendations on the fantasy front I’d love to hear them!

Until next time.