Review: All My Friends Are Superheroes – Andrew Kaufman

allmyfriendsaresuperheroesAll My Friends Are Superheroes is a sweet book just over 100 pages. It is one that I have had on my radar for quite some time but only actually picked up a few months back. I’m really glad I took an hour out of my day to read this.

Like the title suggests, we follow Tom a man who has friends who are all superheroes. Now, they’re not your cape-wearing, crime fighting type but they’re every day superheroes with mundane super powers. There’s The Amphibian who can live both on land and underwater; Hypno who can hypnotise like a pro and Tom’s new wife, The Perfectionist, whose source of power is her need for order. Anyway, we follow Tom – our perfectly normal protagonist –  and flash back through Tom and Perfs relationship and he tries to think of a way to get her to see him again after Hypno made him invisible to his wife. There are interludes where we learn about other superheroes and their powers and that’s quite a nice touch – doesn’t add much to the story but was nice nonetheless.

This is a perfectly sweet little book that I read in about an hour. It had all the elements of a fairy tale, the right amount of romance and just enough silliness to make me smile. It was good, not mind-blowing, and just really short and sweet. I can’t really say much more about it, it’s only 112 pages long so I don’t want to spoil it completely! All I will say to tie it all up is that I’m glad I read it and would say, if you have an hour and this on your shelf, don’t put it off because it’s a really nice little read – 3/5 from me on this one.