Blog: Independent Bookshop Week 2015 || Bookshop Crawl + Book Haul

So, if by some chance you missed it, last week was Independent Bookshop Week 2015. It ran between the 20th and 27th of June and was a big celebration of all the independent bookshops in the UK. It is an event that encourages people to visit, and shop, at their local independent bookshop and just raise that awareness that they are there.


Anyone that knows me knows that I love independent bookshops – I’m lucky in that where I live in the UK the independent bookseller hasn’t been killed off. Nearly every town on the outskirts of the city has an bookshop, even the city centre the independent shops withstand the pressures of the Waterstones within 100 metres (which I also love, even though it is a chain it still has that personal feel for me, which is why I visited it).

I was actually on holiday this year for IBW2015. I was hoping that being in a different part of the country I would be able to stumble upon new gems of bookshops and find something different to take home with me. This however wasn’t the case, it was rare to stumble upon a Waterstones never mind an independent shop! So this left me very disheartened and the image I had in my head of how my holiday and, consequently, my IBW2015 were going to go was shattered!

To remedy this sadness I felt, when I returned the first thing I did (after a long lay in) on Saturday was to hit Norwich City centre and go in to the two independent bookshops there (and Waterstones) and I ended up buying quite a bit (and not buying even more that I wanted to!)

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