Oops I Did It Again… || Book Haul VI

2015-05-23 17.09.38I really cannot wait for this crazy exam period to be over because I’ll no longer feel the compulsive need to buy books in order to relax. I don’t understand why I do it. Maybe it’s simply that books make me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside and that, in turn, releases endorphins. I don’t know. All I do know is I have bought too many books again this month. Though, they’re all books that I’ve been wanting to buy and, in fairness, a lot of them were bought with points/credit in various places so… not quite so much money spent!

These books are pretty varied, from impulse buys to those that I bought after a lot of debate. Some I have already read in the past but didn’t own a copy of.

I bought a number of classics as I really want to get a lot of them read over the Summer. Also, Penguin English Library editions are a great way to boost a buy up in price over the £10 limit that generally gets a stamp on a card in most bookshops! Then there’s also a bit of non-fiction there, I want to also read a fair bit of that over the Summer to keep my mind active! Anyway, on with the books themselves because that’s the important part.

So the classics; my favourite part of any haul. Two of these are books that I want to read in the future but not necessarily right now, the rest I want to read soon.

The Count of Monte Cristo is the one I want to read over the course of the Summer. I heard some really good things about it on YouTube and after the love I discovered for Moby Dick because of YT I decided to give this beast a go.

Then there is the three Penguin English Library editions – The War of the Worlds, The Mill on the Floss and A Tale of Two Cities. Now, The War of the Worlds was a recommendation from Wayne in my local Waterstones, A Tale of Two Cities is another Dickens which is somewhat self-explanatory. I want to read more Dickens and I feel this might be a good one to get my teeth in to sometime soon. Finally, we have The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot – now I loved Silas Marner and I can’t wait to read Middlemarch but I also wanted this in my collection. This isn’t one I’m in any particular hurry to get to any time soon but I did want it in my collection should the mood take me.

The final two here are Heidi in the beautiful Puffin in Bloom edition – which I did buy because it matches my bedroom and it is a children’s classic I want to get around to soon and a Persephone classic William – an Englishman which I found in a charity shop so nabbed!

General fiction time. This is a varied bunch. Eating Fire is one I read years ago after borrowing from the Library. When I saw it in my favourite bookshop, I knew I had to buy it!

Most of the next books were recommendations from various places.

All The Light We Cannot See is big on YouTube, has had great reviews and when I saw it in the Buy-One-Get-One-Half-Price in Waterstones I picked it up.

The Once and Future King was a recommendation from the manager of Jarrolds book department (Robert, thank you, I can’t wait to read this!) and also, Samantha on YouTube (Novels and Nonsense) has picked this up again lately which sparked me purchasing it.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel is a TV cover. I don’t often buy them but I quite liked this one! Also, I bought it only after seeing the advert for the new BBC adaptation. I want to read the book first. It’s a beast of a book, I could be waiting a while to see the series.

Mrs de Winter by Susan Hill was a recommendation from Tracy at Kett’s Books based on my first shopping experience there (I Fell in Love with a Bookshop) and my purchase of Rebecca. I know nothing much about this book but I paid for the book and I can’t wait to read it!

Then my two hardbacks – both recommendations from Jen (YouTube, Blog). I loved Harold Fry when I read it last year and, when Jen came up to Norwich for her reading/signing she was reading The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessey. I was waiting for paperback but finding it for 75p in a charity shop I bought the hardback. Then there is The Gracekeepers which I know very little about, but fell in love with the cover. I can’t wait to read this next month!

Finally we have my non-fiction, with a guest appearance of my molecular modelling kit.

I finally decided on getting the Penguin Modern Library edition of A Room of One’s Own though I loved the hardback one it matches the rest of my books!

Then both The Sixth Extinction and Sapiens are somewhat Evolutionary Biology texts which I can’t wait to get around to. I have a stack of evolutionary based, popular science books to get around to this Summer and I can’t wait!

So, that’s the extent of my haul this month. Next month I’m going on holiday so will possibly have a bit of a haul then – but not a big one! I have some Amazon vouchers coming my way which will, undoubtedly, be spent on books!

If anyone has read any of these I’d love to hear what you have to say about them!

Until next month!

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