Review: Matilda – Roald Dahl

matildaThis was one of my favourite books as a child and today I was feeling nostalgic so revisited it. A cold, stormy afternoon is the perfect excuse to revisit a beloved childhood book.

In the end, though I own the 25th Anniversary Edition (which is beautiful and unread), I listened to the audiobook and it just made it so much better for me! Kate Winslet read this beautifully, it has to be said. She breathed a new life in to it that I haven’t felt from the book since I was a child myself, however much I have revisited it over the years.

I still love this book. I will always love this book I think. Matilda is precocious; she reminds me of me when I was little! Maybe not to the extent I read Dickens at the age of 3 or 4, but I’ve always identified with her in some way. She is absoluely unbelievable, that much is given and it’s only more obvious now I’m older, but she is still charming. Her positivity, and all round optimism, is infectious. The Trunchbull is still one of my all time favourite ‘villains’ – up there next to Delores Umbridge!

If anyone doesn’t know the story of Matilda, it follows the story of an unusually bright girl who has very unsupportive parents. She learns to read, write and do mathematics herself at a very young age with the help of a lovely librarian. The first half of the book follows her home life, the second half is her story when she starts school and we follow her as her life changes upon the introduction of (a not so formal) education. Oh, with a little bit of magic…

This was the first “chapter” book I read as a child; I still love it as much now. Though, as I said, the audiobook in which Kate Winslet reads it, has injected fresh life in to it for me and reignited the love I had for it as a 7 or 8 year old when I first read it. So this time, 5/5

6 thoughts on “Review: Matilda – Roald Dahl

    • ashleighmuses says:

      I never clicked with the BFG as a child; I think I may give more of Roald Dahl’s books a re-read (or a first read in some cases) this Summer as breaks between chunky books, or just an afternoon read! This got me loving his writing again so… I think it’s a must!

      My personal favourite was Fantastic Mr Fox, it’s short but it never ceased to amuse me!

  1. clicksclan says:

    I love this edition of Matilda and I can just imagine Kate Winslet reading it; I bet it sounds as good as I think.

    I could always relate to Matilda as a child as well. I was one of those kids who was desperate to get access to the adult section of the library because I soon outgrew the children’s section. It’s such a good book, I’m going to have to revisit it soon as well. I don’t know what happened to my old battered copy.

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

    • ashleighmuses says:

      It’s actually on YouTube; whack it up to 1.25 speed and it’s a nice 3 and a bit hours long and still comprehensible! I know I should really buy these things but, YouTube is a magic place! 😉 Though, now I listened to Matilda I may have to invest in a couple of others!

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