April Wrap-Up & May TBR

How is it nearly May? How are we nearly half way through the year already?! It’s horrible. I don’t like how quickly this year is going at all! What I do like, however, is my productivity this past month in spite of copious coursework deadlines and revision for exams, which started on Tuesday (28th) and, as I write this, I’m currently procrastinating revision for it (it’s Monday afternoon. I really ought to be studying!)

April has been a relatively good month. I found my reading mojo again after a bit of a slump last month, mainly because of Orlando. Virginia Woolf made me love reading like I’ve never quite loved reading before, this month. It was by far not an easy book but once I got in to it… damn. That book has definitely changed how I’m going to read books from now on. It’s up there with Rebecca as one of my lifelong favourites, there hasn’t been a book reach that level in quite some time!

April Stats:

It’s been a pretty good month, as I said. I’ve got through the TBR I set myself at the end of last month and a little more. I read 7 (8, but I read Orlando twice and I don’t feel that counts) books and I feel I’ve read a good variety too and that came to a total of 1799 pages this month. The 7 books were made up of 6 female authors and Ransom Riggs being the only male author! There was also one person of colour in my April reads in the form of the wonderful Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, which already makes April more diverse than March!

My favourite book this month was Orlando if you hadn’t already guessed which was a 5* book but then, Frog Music was a 2* so my ratings were quite varied and my average was 3.7. I’ve read a good selection this month, from Silas Marner to Hollow City is quite a journey through time, genre and general style!

Overall, I’m a very happy girl with what I’ve managed. Especially given the workload I have had lately. Which brings me on to next month.

May TBR:

So May is full to the brim of exams. 5 of them in fact (1st, 6th, 11th, 15th, 28th). But, crazily enough, around exam periods I crave classics. I crave books that are weighty and take time and I can immerse myself in completely. But then I also want lighter things to enjoy when I’m feeling too stressed to focus. So May is a very mixed bag indeed.

From the top there is The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. Having read Oryx and Crake a few months ago I felt it hight time I got around to the second part of the trilogy. I know it will require attention so I thought this a good month to read it.

Next is The Ocean at the End of the Lane which I’ve only heard good things about. I’ve read very little of Gaiman’s work but what I have read, I’ve loved so I’m holding out high hopes for this based on what I’ve read and the reviews I’ve heard of it.

Then there’s the two classics of the month; Agnes Grey by my beloved Anne Bronte and Frenchman’s Creek by the equally beloved Daphne du Maurier. Both of which I cannot wait to read this month. My only issue is I’m not a fan of the Penguin black classics as individuals; they look amazing on a shelf but meh. Why Agnes Grey hasn’t been released in the English Library editions I’ll never know!

Finally, the beast at the bottom, is Carol Ann Duffy’s Faery Tales which I bought months and moths ago based on the cover alone and I thought would be a good dip in-dip out type of book for the month. I really cannot wait to read this, I love her poetry (what I have read of it) and I have no doubt that this is going to be wonderful!

So this coming month is very well varied; it may all change of course. I may end up binging on classics which, quite honestly, is likely! But I will try and keep to my TBR if only so I don’t have to think about the next book coming my way!

If you’ve read any of the books I plan to read in May, let me know which ones I should hit first!