March Wrap Up

Overall, March has been miserable. My overall motivation for anything has been through the floor – uni work has taken a nosedive and anything that I take pleasure in has also been put aside. So basically, reading hasn’t happened all that much this month.

In total I read 5 books. 1 was a reread, 4 were new to me. 3 were by women, 2 were by men. I had a spread of ratings from 4 to 2 stars – my average was 3.4. My favourite book of March was probably Artful and my least favourite was The Virgin Suicides. I barely touched my anticipated TBR, I was just picking up what I was in the mood for. I don’t know if my down mood affected how I was reading books this month or not, but anyway… March was poor, let’s move on!

April I’m feeling positive about and my TBR looks something like this:

2015-03-28 19.56.03

So I haven’t set myself any wild goals and I feel that with revision going on around me, this is an achievable pile! I never aim higher than the month before’s achievement. From top to bottom we have Ali Smith’s Free Love – a short story collection and her first published! Next down is Frog Music by Emma Donoghue which is one I’ve really been looking forward to since it was first released in hardback (but I couldn’t warrant the cost of the hardback!) Then there is Orlando which, I feel, is self explanatory and finally I have Hollow City which is the second on the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series. I enjoyed the first one so I thought I’d give this a go!

Hopefully I will get around to more than this, but I have revision to do and exams start at the end of the month so… we shall see!