Winter Book Haul || Book Haul IV

So I’ve sort of procrastinated doing this post because I have an embarrassingly large number of books to haul. So basically, I was really good from September, very few books were purchased however from January, I seem to have acquired a vast quantity of bookish goodness. So I don’t really know where to start, they’re all jumbled up, there’s no chronology to this whatsoever, I just made them look pretty in piles! This is going to be long so I apologise in advance!

 20150328_183622454_iOSWe’ll start with the general fiction I purchased the last few months. After reading Oryx and Crake I decided to buy the next book in the series from Atwood – I haven’t read this yet but I’m looking forward to it. Next up we have two books by Emma Donoghue – I previously owned The Sealed Letter in a large paperback which was too bulky so I bought the standard paperback when I saw it for about £1 in a charity shop and I picked up her newest book Frog Music in (quite shamefully) Tesco along with another book further along in this haul in their 2 for £7 offer. Finally we have my additions that I got in the buy one get one half price in Waterstones on campus; Elizabeth is Missing and Station Eleven. I’ve already read Station Eleven and my review can be found around here somewhere!

20150328_183714457_iOSSo I put these 4 books together as they have the theme of “not set in UK or America”. I’ve previously read Memoirs of a Geisha but I didn’t own a copy! So I remedied that as I would love to reread it. Sea of Poppies I admit was an impulse purchase because I just adored the cover. It is beautiful and I have no idea what it is about. The Kite Runner is a book I have long since wanted to add to my collection as I loved Hosseini’s other two novels so I found this for £1.99 in a bargain bookstore and I couldn’t resist! Finally, I’ve heard good things about Zafón so I decided to pick this up when I found it for 50p in a charity shop in good condition.

20150328_183749292_iOS Whoops. This is a little blurry! So The Secret History is a book I have heard nothing but good things about and, as I type this, I am 100 pages in to it and enjoying it so far. I picked this up as the other book in the 2-for-£7 in Tesco. Below that is Sister by Rosamund Lupton which is a book I’ve heard a lot about from a number of places. It’s not something I would ordinarily pick up so we shall see how I feel about it! IT was only 50p so if I don’t like it I don’t feel too guilty!


Ali Smith time. So I’ve read a lot of these but the cost of them meant that I borrowed a lot of them from the library or owned the eBook. As I was going to the literary festival event I felt it was about time I invested in them. Over the course of February and March I managed to almost complete her bibliography, I don’t own the play she wrote and possibly one other thing but this is it and it looks beautiful together on the top of my bookshelf! Artful, There but for the, Free Love and Like I bought from various sellers on Amazon. Other Stories and The First Person I bought at the signing on the 17th!

20150328_184022171_iOSNon-fiction time! I read and reviewed Quiet within days of buying it. It is amazing and is seriously worth checking out for anyone of any personality type. It is enlightening, both about introversion/extroversion and corporate America

20150328_183821208_iOS Yes. My classics this haul comprise of a running theme. Virginia Woolf. I love Mrs Dalloway and I had an Amazon voucher come my way so I snapped up a few of these Penguin Modern Classics. I love the modern classics. I love the uniformity on my shelf. They look beautiful. So I’m intending to lose myself in some of these soon! I bought To the LighthouseOrlandoMrs Dalloway and The Waves. I already have a copy (or 3) of Mrs Dalloway but I wanted a uniform collection.

20150328_191230000_iOSFinally, we have the Little Black Classics that I bought. These are the 80p books that Penguin released for their 80th anniversary. Over the course of the few weeks they’ve been released I’ve managed to indulge myself in 23 of them and I don’t think I’ll be buying any more. I’m yet to read any of these but I’m really, really excited to get started on them.

Okay. So that’s my winter book haul. I’m thinking I bought more books. I must have. Anyway. If anyone could suggest which books I should start with definitely point me in the right direction!

2 thoughts on “Winter Book Haul || Book Haul IV

  1. clicksclan says:

    That’s quite a haul!

    I love your little collection of the Little Black Classics. I’ve got a rather modest eleven, but at some point when I’m near the bookshop and I’ve got some spare pennies I’m going to buy another handful. I read one of them recently and they’re just perfect for carrying in your bag when you’re out and about. 😉

  2. Fiona says:

    Woah… mega haul. I salute you!! I have one of the Little Black Classics. I can’t remember what it is called but it is Chinese. I love the idea but they are deceptively cheap.

    Oh I recommend Sea of Poppies – the third book in the trilogy is coming out in a couple of months so it’ll be a good time to start that series!!

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