Review: Jamaica Inn – Daphne du Maurier

JamaicaInnI didn’t think I had read this book before, but apparently I have! According to goodreads I read this in 2010 but I genuinely couldn’t remember it. The beginning was familiar, but aside from that it was like I was reading it for the first time! Does it count as a reread if you have forgotten the entire plot?

Firstly, I’m going to be vain and just say how beautiful the Virago Designer Classic is for this. A beautiful cover does make a book that bit more enjoyable, that is for certain.

The story is about Mary Yellan, who after her mother passes away goes to live – at her mothers request – with her aunt. But her mother had no idea of her sisters life and so, young Mary finds herself living with her aunt Patience and her husband, Joss, at Jamaica Inn.

As always, du Maurier’s writing is sublime. The atmosphere she created in this was just boggling. I cannot ever compliment her atmospherics enough – as anyone who reads these reviews will notice. Actually, going back and reading my review from 2010 I said that the atmosphere was good but didn’t quite match up to Rebecca. I lied, or was just young and an idiot, because the atmospherics in this book are just incomparable. Rebecca is great, it will be the bookish love of my life, but this book was just that little bit darker, that little bit ‘foggier’ with a little more mystery.

However, it isn’t a 5/5 from me. Even though I’d read this before, I couldn’t remember where it ended up and… while it was good the ending was a disappointment from all the building up that had been done prior to it. The plot was quite simplistic, the romance was rushed and somewhat out of character and… yes. Ultimately this is a 4/5 and that is primarily because of the writing, the plot itself is quite weak!

One thought on “Review: Jamaica Inn – Daphne du Maurier

  1. The Brain in the Jar says:

    If you fail to remember the plot, I’d blame the author. Memorable details are a sign of a great author. Although I read Catch-22 a long time ago and my English was much weaker then (It was one of my first novels I read in English), I can open a random page and recall all kinds of events.

    That said, i understand how some authors can make a weak plot work with great writing. Great writers can write nonsense and make it sound profound.

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