Review: The Virgin Suicides – Jeffery Eugenides

TVSThis book frustrated me.

I struggled through it, assured by so many people that it was worth it and… nope. I just don’t understand the hype with this. The writing is great, I can’t fault Eugenides writing. I just really didn’t like this book.

The genius, and I think the attraction, lies in the fact that we’re observing these 5 girls from a very outside perspective. I think in a way it sates that curiousness that most people naturally have; that of being nosy in regards to their neighbours! I think that this candid outside view in is what the ‘addictive’ thing about this book is for people who like it. It was also the downfall in some respects, the girls were put on pedestals, their suicides glamorised – the girls were just under scrutiny for the boys to study.

Ultimately, this felt pointless to me. It was a slog, it wasn’t particularly interesting. It wasn’t a book that I was compulsively reading, instead it was a book that I carelessly threw in my bag and didn’t touch for two days. My main problem with this is it was just pretentious.

I will definitely give Middlesex a go. His writing was good. It’s just this book felt so out of touch with reality and I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed it. Sometimes, you just have to accept that you don’t fall in with the trend! 2/5

4 thoughts on “Review: The Virgin Suicides – Jeffery Eugenides

  1. The Brain in the Jar says:

    Be warned of Middlesex! The first part is dull. It’s your typical, “Look at how crazy and quirky these immigrants are!”. Then it stops focusing on the family tree and focuses on the main character. Then, it becomes really good, almost worth all the hype.

  2. clicksclan says:

    I think I felt similar to yourself in terms of this being kind of ‘pointless’. I kept on reading wanting to figure out what happened and why but was left kind of unsure on both counts by the end. I’ve not gone back to try reading it again since then so I’m not sure if I’d feel differently on a reread.

  3. Bridget says:

    I felt kind of the same about this book. I didn’t dislike it quite as much, but it was definitely slow and occasionally felt a little pointless. I was pretty meh about it in the end; it didn’t make much of an impact on me, when I feel like it should have.

  4. lydiaemilyy says:

    This book completely divides people, so I completely understand why you didn’t enjoy it! I personally found it a really interesting character study of the Lisbon sisters, and critique on how society deals with suicide and familial problems. I found it too disturbing to be truly enjoyable, but i liked the debates that it made me think about.
    But yeah, totally see how people wouldn’t enjoy it at all!

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