February Wrap-Up & March TBR

I can’t believe it’s March already! Where is this year going, seriously? I’m blogging and I genuinely have work I really ought to be doing but… this is genuinely where my head is at right now, which is bad given how much work I ought to be doing. Alas, my skills of procrastinating is why I read so prolifically! I have 6 deadlines this month, so reading is going to be on the back burner before Easter break starts (March 20th!) as I really need to knuckle down. This post, like all of my wrap-ups is quite long (and wordy) so here we go

February Stats:
So February, I read 7 books. 5 of those were by females and 2 by males; this is more in line with my usual reading pattern! 2 of those were by Japanese (or an author of Japanese descent, in Ruth Ozeki’s case) which I’m okay with. I know my diversity ought to be on the increase but I’m reading what I’m in the mood for and I’m not going to be dictated by what I feel pressured to read.

My average rating was 3.6 – split across 2* (All Over Creation) to 5* (Moby Dick) ratings. I read a total of 2897 pages and I’m very happy with that! My favourite book was probably The Miniaturist or Station Eleven even though it was Moby Dick that got 5* – while not perfect from a literary perspective, they were probably easier reads and more enjoyable; which seems odd as I did give both of them 4*. My least favourite was either All Over Creation or Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World – a 2* and a barely 3* respectively – which makes me sad because I love both Ozeki and Murakami and I had high expectations for both of these books!

I didn’t read one book on my TBR (Something Fresh) but I’m okay with that. I read more than I was hoping to, I just didn’t read exactly what I planned. But my TBR is only an idea anyway generally speaking.

March Goals:
2015-02-28 23.15.05So this is my March TBR. Have a few familiar authors there – Ali Smith, Michel Faber and of course, Daphne du Maurier!

I’m actually seeing Ali Smith in conversation on the 17th (I genuinely cannot wait!) and I’m hoping to get through a few more of her books in that time (ambitious, I know) so I can do a bit of an Author Spotlight type post after I’ve seen her!

If you haven’t worked it out yet, I’m trying to work my way through du Maurier’s bibliography – again so I can do a bit of an Author Spotlight post on her. I’m looking forward to reading Julius – I’m hoping it’s better than I’ll Never Be Young Again!

Then we have Eugenides, which I’m looking forward to finally reading – this was a book club book quite some time ago that I never read! Michel Faber is awesome and I’m sure I’m going to love this book (The Courage Consort) – I know very little about it but I’m sure I’ll love it. The Hound of the Baskervilles is my first foray in to Sherlock Holmes – can you believe it?! I’m hoping to actually have this finished quite quickly, it’s at most 150 pages long. Finally there’s Creation which is a non-fiction book on evolution – really looking forward to this as it’s technically two books in one. I bought it purely for the novelty that you can flip it upside-down and read the two books to the middle! Oh and I really love reading about evolution.

So this is my TBR for March. You can look forward to a a couple of tag posts, a haul and an “omg I met Ali Smith” post this month so I hope you’re not fed up of me! Thanks as always for reading.