Review: The Girl With All the Gifts – M. R. Carey

TGWATGI only picked this up to read the first page or two when I didn’t know what I wanted to read. I picked a few books up before it, nothing sat right and then I picked up this and I couldn’t put it down. Seriously. I picked it up at 6:30 on Monday morning and was 100 pages through it by 9 after my daily commute.

It was such a fast paced book, as you can probably assume from a 100 page blitz before 9am! But I was practically glued to it when I had some free time, I didn’t want to socialise with my friends because I wanted to know what happened to Melanie.

Melanie, or our girl with all the gifts, has grown up in what is essentially a prison and we slowly find out why that is over the first hundred pages or so, but there isn’t a certain answer until the very end, really. I don’t want to talk too much about the plot because I want don’t want to ruin it – this book is such a Pandora’s box that I want to keep it that way!

It’s more than a ‘thriller’ – if anything it’s only tenuously a thriller. There’s nothing I can really compare it to either, it’s just a book that stands so beautifully on its own that I don’t want to throw it in to a category! It says a lot about humanity, and in a way it makes you question which person you would be if it came down to it. Some of the relationships are a bit distorted, lines are blurred, sometimes you don’t quite know who the good guy is.

I’m so glad I picked this up; truthfully it was quite low on my TBR so I’m really happy I did just pick it up by chance because I don’t know when I would have otherwise got around to it! My main issue is that the ending was quite rushed and I found some of the middle too long – it could have done with being a little more well paced towards the last third. The story is fantastic and I can’t fault it for that but I do feel it could have been something more. 4/5