November Wrap Up/December TBR

This month wasn’t really successful in terms of reading what I was aiming to. I say that, the only book on my TBR that wasn’t read was The Great Gatsby, which I was looking forward to but just wasn’t in the mood for in the end. I read 8 books this month, two of which were re-reads and I read absolutely nothing for 10 days. I say that, I started and put down several books at the 10-page mark because I simply wasn’t in the mood.

A Tale for the Time Being is probably my favourite book of the month. I adored it. Read my review to find out just how much. My least favourite book(s) were the last 2 that I read in the Oz series (book 4 and 5) Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and The Road to Oz. While I want to read the entire series, I’m not feeling it so much now. Book 6 is supposed to be wonderful, and I’m looking forward to that, but afterwards I may skip along to the 14th and final book.

Next month I’m having surgery! I’m having my eardrum reconstructed which is terrifying. Hopefully though, because I am on absolute bedrest, I’m going to get a bit of reading done. At least that’s the plan. I don’t feel that this is too ambitious for December with everything going on and I’m hopeful to get through it.


December is going to be a month of book vanity. All these books are truly beautiful and I feel like lushing myself up! Both A Christmas Carol and The Secret Garden will be rereads for me but they’re standard Christmas-y books! I’ve read The Secret Garden every Christmas since my aunt gave me the book when I was 11 or 12. Another that may find itself getting read is Ballet Shoes. I find December a great month to be nostalgic and reread those books from my childhood! Also, with being laid up, rereads and kids books are really easy to get in to and enjoy without requiring too much effort!

Hopefully there will be a few more reviews next month, and also a haul! Until next time.

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