October Wrap Up/November TBR


October was a lot more productive than I imagined on the whole. I’ve submitted uni work ahead of schedule even with a fire in my department at uni and I’ve had a social life, I’ve read 6 books and am on my 7th as I write this. Maybe an 8th can be squeezed in, who knows?! So this month was full of ‘spooky’ books, plus the occasional dip in to something else, mostly non-fiction!

As I write this, my favourite book of the month was Clare Balding’s Walking Home – you can find my review floating around on here from this month. Also, if only fiction is counted it has to be Frankenstein which was just sublime – definitely one to read!

I went to the lovely Jen’s book talk at my local Waterstones which was lovely. I’ve only ever been to a couple of bookish events but I’m going to endeavour to go to more in the future for sure because I had a really good time and it’s just a really nice environment to be in. So yes, hopefully there will be more bookish events in my life soon!

November! My favourite month! I’m 21 this November which I’m actually now feeling quite excited about. As for hopes on the reading front. Well here we are:

2014-10-28 17.02.02

I’ve got quite a few deadlines coming up so I’m not going to be too ambitious. Though, saying that, The Luminaries is quite a beast. I’m quite excited about all of these – I’m going in to 3 of them nearly completely blind. The only one I have a faint idea about is The Great Gatsby which I have shamefully never read. Having read several classics this month, I decided to forgo a Penguin English Library in November. I hope these all live up to my excitement!

I’ve really been enjoying reading this month, cuddling up in a blanket with a book really is the best way to relax and extract myself from the stresses going on around me! Here’s to hoping November is just as awesome as October.

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