Review: Frankenstein – Mary Shelley

frankensteinThis book is absolutely wonderful. I don’t know how I have got this far through my life (1 month shy of 21 years) and have not read this book. It is actually quite boggling because it was just amazing.

I’ve never seen an adaptation of Frankenstein. I didn’t study it at school and I just had no need to read it. I knew the story. Everyone knows the vague summary but the actual book is so very different to this warped idea I, and I imagine a lot of other people have of a green zombie-like man with bolts through his neck!

I knew this book was one that made the reader question morality – who was really the monster. Victor or the creature? But truthfully reality was so much better than expectation. This book is heartbreaking. Truly heartbreaking because everyone assumes that the creature is a monster, but he’s so very human. He was an experiment by an overambitious man and is rejected on sight by the world that he lives in. The man who made him thinks he’s an abomination and cannot even look at him. If the world were just a little less judgemental, things could have been so very different.

The creature is essentially fuelled by rage; all he wanted was love and he was rejected so instead he uses this hatred towards him and becomes a monster. He was just scared and in an unknown world. He was made by unfortunate, un-asked for circumstances and he just wanted to be happy. It’s unfair. He was a character that I just wanted to find peace. Frankenstein made a man, the monster was made by society.

Ultimately, I gave this book 4 stars. It is just so different to the way I imagined it, the prose was beautiful and I just loved it. It was dark, rich and packed with so much stuff. It’s hard to just put in to words how much is actually in this book. I’ve read a lot of reviews that compare it to adaptations but I don’t have that option. All I do know is that from the little bit of knowledge I have obtained from media and referencing to it in popular culture is that the book is very different to how it has been portrayed in the numerous adaptations; notably there is no magical lighting strike that gives the creature life!

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