Review: The Woman in Black – Susan Hill

WomanInBlackThis is a really good, spooky novella. I didn’t get to read this when I was at school, my sister got to read this and go to see it at the theatre, I can understand now why her friend was afraid to walk home in the dark afterwards!

The best way to describe this is it’s what I hoped The Woman in White was going to be. I loved The Woman in White, but it wasn’t at all what I was expecting but THIS is exactly the sort of scenario I had imagined when I decided to pick TWiW up. It’s like Susan Hill read TWiW and was disappointed so wrote The Woman in Black to counter it, wrote what she wanted to read.

I loved this. It was short and snappy but equally it was packed with description and atmospherics. The writing was beautiful, vivid and creepy. It definitely managed to get under my skin even though there isn’t really too many scary parts. The descriptions were spot on and the whole book is simply eerie even though, in thinking back to it, nothing really huge actually happens.

My only criticism is the ending seemed a bit hashed. It was very poor and when reading the introductory paragraph to the final chapter it was pretty clear where it was going. It could have been achieved in a much more – and I use the word tenuously – believable fashion. It felt rushed and that disappointed me.

Final rating 3/5

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