Review: I Capture the Castle – Dodie Smith

i-capture-the-castleThis book opens with the line ‘I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.  That is, my feet are in it; the rest of me is on the draining board…’ and I thought to myself “yes, I’m going to like this”, I just wish I could say that the book as a whole matched up to that. To be honest, that opening line was my favourite part of the whole book!

The premise is good but the book itself wasn’t what I was expecting. If I’m honest, I think I was so excited for this book having read so many good reviews that I felt it a disappointment. I feel bad for not liking this as much as I apparently should have, but at least I tried to love it!

It was a pretty quick read – I read most of it over 4 bus journeys, and I’m glad I read it, but it won’t be a book I revisit any time soon.

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