So I Fell In Love With A Bookshop…

I love a good bookshop. Especially a beautiful little independent one, nothing can quite compare to the love you feel when you walk in to a bookshop. In particular when you know that it has been built from the ground up on nothing but love and passion – a massive chain is brilliant for sheer volume but a little independent place just has a completely different emotional feeling when you step over the threshold. I apologise in advance for the sheer length of this post but I just can’t seem to stop myself from typing – I just want to share every detail of this experience because it was just so perfect and I seriously just cannot stop myself talking about this bookish Narnia like place I have stumbled upon (when looking for Lidl, incidentally).

There are a couple of favourite bookshops that I have in the city centre, but I am always on the look out for more and over this summer I have discovered a couple – none really amazed me – until last week. Last week I discovered an absolute gem of independent bookshops. Kett’s Books. This little book shop is a beautiful place; I could very easily have spent hours in it on that first day (and maxed out my overdraft). I just love it, I love the story behind it and yes, it’s happened, I’ve fallen in love with a bookshop.

Kett’s Books is a community bookshop; for anyone who doesn’t know, it just means that any profit goes back in to the community. It’s run by the community, for the community in the town of Wymondham, just south of Norwich city centre. I’m so happy I found it because it stands for so many values I believe in. I suggest anyone who lives in the Norwich/Norfolk area seriously check it out because it’s a really amazing place!

Now, on to my (lengthy) story…

My first experience in this shop I can comfortably call my most joyous shopping experience of my life. I hate shopping, truth be known, unless it involves books. I walked out high – I’m not sure if it was the book fumes or just a combination of the warm-fuzzies, a beautiful book in my possession and possibly one of the best literary conversations I’ve had in a long time. Whatever it was, I was bouncing off walls and being told to stay away from caffeine because I was positively hyperactive after this shopping experience.

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