Review: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall – Anne Brontë

WildfellHallI can’t quite put this book in to words. It’s a book I have longed to read for a long while – I love Jane Eyre and, while not one of my favourites, I also appreciate Wuthering Heights (truthfully I prefer the 1978 song by Kate Bush to the book). Having read something by both her sisters, I felt a while ago that it would only be fair to finally read something by Anne.

I often go on about binding and publishing and aesthetics of a book – this time is no exception. I adore these Penguin English Library editions. They look beautiful when uniform on a shelf and the cover designs are simply gorgeous. The texture of these covers is almost waxy and gah if I can by a book in these editions, I will have it! So when I saw this edition of this book I knew it was the one I absolutely needed, no other edition would suffice.

This took me a good 2 weeks to read; I did a bulk of it while away but I found it quite difficult to sit down and binge on (as I do with many classics). I have to admit, I do find books with more characters – especially classics which often have convoluted plot lines and the like – quite difficult to get my head around!

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