Review: Notes On A Scandal – Zoe Heller

NotesOnAScandalI loved this book. I don’t often feel like I do right now when I finish a book – right now I just wish it wasn’t over. It isn’t anything special it was just addicting and truly electrifying to read.

It follows story of Sheba Hart – a new teacher to a London comprehensive school – told through the eyes of Barbara Covett. It essentially covers a period of around 6 to 9 months and tells the story of an illicit relationship between Sheba and one of her pupils. It’s told in the form of a diary of sort, well it’s literally “notes on a scandal” as Barbara is recounting events that have happened.

My quick notes after reading it were ‘dark and twisty’ and I think that’s a very accurate, overall description. The characters are all quite dark, there’s deception going on at every point and it really, really makes you question what is moral. Morality comes in the form of can a student who actively pursues a teacher shoulder some of the blame?



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