Books With Friends | Book Haul II

The last 3 days have been amazing. For those who don’t know, one of my dearest friends and I finally met after 10 years. It was the loveliest 3 days and it was just sad that it had to end so early. I cannot put in to words how amazing it was to finally give the girl who has stood by me for half of my life, through everything, a hug! But alas, it had to end sometime and it was just amazing that it was 3 days filled with awesome. Sadly, I only got one (very dishevelled) photo of the two of us at the bus station before she got on a bus home – but at least it is a photo!

2014-09-03 15.52.10-1

While she was in Norwich, we trawled around every bookshop in the city. Plus most charity shops. As such, I managed to find myself a few bargains and Sar managed to grab herself some nice books too (though quite a few less than me!) In the space of 3 days – across a number of shops – I’ve picked up a handful of books! 

2014-09-03 16.52.09

Starting from the top.

Mrs DallowayI finally found myself a beautiful copy of Mrs Dalloway. This is a book that I only discovered a few years ago, but I’ve longed to find a beautiful copy. It’s the Penguin Essentials edition and the only sad thing is that the rest of her works haven’t been published in the same edition. I found this in Oxfam for a very acceptable 99p, it’s a dainty little edition and it is absolutely beautiful – having looked at the rest of the books published in this series I think I may have to invest in a few!

Looking at the website I have booklust – Slaughterhouse 5Breakfast at Tiffany’sThe Prime of Miss Jean BrodieA Room With A ViewHeart of Darkness… The list of beauty is endless and it’s seriously worth a look over at the selection because these little handbag-sized beauties are gorgeous!

Penguin Essentials




Brighton Rock

Next up is Brighton Rock. This is an odd one because, honestly until the death of Richard Attenborough a week or so ago I had no interest in Greene. But, in seeing clips of the Attenborough film and following the plot of it a bit, I really wanted to both read the book and see the movie. So I found this in a local book shop (City Bookshop) for £3.99 and I had to grab it. I’d been looking at it on Amazon and in Waterstones and the like and this was actually the most reasonable price I’ve seen it at – it’s just a bonus that I found it in a local bookshop!

I cannot wait to read this! 






Remarkable thingsThis book was one that Sar said that I “absolutely must buy” – finding it in a charity shop in a 2 for 99p offer, I couldn’t resist. She adores this book and I trust her judgement, so I nabbed it (along with the next book!) I don’t really know what to expect from this, I didn’t even read the synopsis, she just said “you must read this” so I picked it up blindly. Can’t wait to read it soon!








WomanInBlackThis is the other book I got in the 2 for 99p. Oddly enough this is actually a book I’ve been looking for lately – you’ll see this again very soon as it’s going on my October TBR! I didn’t get this exact edition, for some reason I cannot for the life of me find the exact cover I bought, but it is in Vintage binding, so all is good! 

I haven’t even seen the movie of this, so that’s going on the list of movies to watch too. Going to try and read the book first though! I’m pretty excited about this, I need more shorter books in my life and I’ve heard good things about it from my sisters friend. Her class studied The Woman in Black at GCSE, going to see the movie and the play so I’m a little jealous of that! But she has good taste in literature so I’m sure I’ll enjoy this short read!





VMC TortoiseThis image does not do this book justice. I’ve lusted after this Virago Modern Classic collection for what feels like forever (particularly the du Maurier) and I found this book for £1.99 in Oxfam again so, regardless of what it’s about, I had to have it. This designer collection is just gorgeous words cannot describe just how beautiful. The collection as a whole seems really interesting and upon looking through more books in the collection, I feel enticed to buy more! Why are books so expensive?!








LostThingsFinally we have this, The Book of Lost Things. I picked this up because of last weeks “Top 5 Wednesday” in which I had to pick my top 5 favourite spines. This book has the most beautiful use of typography and the pattern on the front underlines the title/authors name on the spine and gah. It is gorgeous. 

I was lucky enough to find this in hardback for a bank-breaking 75p. Bargain. I will admit, I do judge books by the cover and this one had me hook, line and sinker. I’m really not sure what to expect but truly? I couldn’t care less. It makes my shelf look pretty!






So that concludes the in-depth look at my book haul over the last 3 days. I also bought a couple of books not pictured above, come to think of it. Including the 3rd in Elly Griffiths Ruth Galloway series in spite of the fact I am yet to actually read the first! I read the first chapter and one thing and another, I didn’t get it finished, but I really enjoyed what I read!

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