Review: A Song for Issy Bradley – Carys Bray


Since one of my friends reviewed this (Jen) I’ve been absolutely gagging to get my hands on this book. As it was, I went out to buy it and the shop I saw it in had run out of stock so I had to relent and buy the ebook. I didn’t really want to, I’ve been in the mood to buy and read ‘real books’ and I especially didn’t want to buy the ebook because, seriously, isn’t this cover just gorgeous?!

Anyhow, this book the story of how a family copes after the death of their youngest child, Issy. I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed. This book is astoundingly beautiful, it’s heartbreaking and heart-warming all at once. It was a really, really hard subject handled with such tact and authenticity. While heartbreaking in parts there’s smatterings of humour of every day life.

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