Classical Literature

So, at present I’m still struggling along with Neil Gaiman’s American Gods (which, I have to add, is going on forever) but, thanks to a wonderful part of the internet known as Booktube, I’ve found a whole host of new bookishly-minded folk to increase my reading variety. This is what brings me to the main topic of discussion – Classical Literature. Now, I’ve always had a keen interest in ancient history. I’ve always loved reading about Greeks and Romans and, particularly, Egyptians but I’ve read a woefully small amount of literature from antiquity. Last summer I read Robert Graves’ The Greek Myths and you can find a full review over at goodreads but I have to say, I think maybe it wasn’t the best place to have started with classical literature. So, Jean over at bookishthoughts is running a read-along August – during the month the goal is to read The Odyssey by Homer and Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Jean has also suggested reading Margaret Atwood’s The Penelopiad and Ali Smith’s Girl Meets Boy as the Cannongate modern retellings of the stories, which I am more than happy to do as I adore both of those books and I’d quite like to read the stories they’re both modern adaptations of.

I’m quite lucky in that I already have a beautiful Penguin clothbound edition of The Odyessey and I’m thinking I might invest in Ovid in the recently released clothbound also, just because they’re beautiful:

images from google

If anyone is interested in joining this Classical Literature readalong, there is a group on goodreads, anyone is welcome to join! I’m really, really excited about this – having been wanting to widen my reading a lot lately. So yes! This is what my reading future looks like and I like it, a lot!

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