In the Summertime!

So, Summer is here (and to be fair, it has technically been here a while) and I finally feel refreshed enough to start my onslaught of Summer blogging! Over the next few weeks I’m planning a variety of things, including a few hauls of various shopping expeditions (including books, clothes and cosmetics) and a number of reviews. Anyone who knows me knows I love talking about things I love, so reviewing books, cosmetics, places I’ve eaten, places I’ve shopped, it comes easy to me. I also want to talk about general stuff and things that I want talk about, so expect some of that too.

I’m going to aim to do something twice a week. This is my goal to myself this Summer and I am going to do everything in my power to stick to said goal! 

So, while I’m off composing my first Summer 2014 blog post, I beg you to not hold your breath – you might suffocate in the wait. But hopefully, soon, there will be a few posts in succession and I’m hoping they’ll be a mixture of many things. 

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