Lush (& Very Few Other Things)

Wowza. Last time I bothered with this it was week 8 of semester 1, now it’s week 2 of Easter break and semester 2 is over. Save 3 exams, my first year of university is over, it’s crazy to say the least! The primary reason for not blogging is simply my sister bought me a beautiful clothbound journal and it seemed a shame to not use it – so I’ve been writing in that and not wanting to regurgitate what inner thoughts have already been processed! However, as I’m procrastinating from revision, it’s only natural that I want to start blogging again – and this time I intend to keep it up! 

So, to mark a new start, something new in itself. I never intended to do one of these posts, gushing about how marvellous things are, but I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to Lush products.



For anyone not aware, Lush sell fair trade, vegan/vegetarian, handmade, chemical-free goodies. I have become a complete convert, which when I’m studying chemistry at university makes me almost hypocritical given that the cosmetics trade employs a large quota of chemistry graduates each year – while I don’t wish to do that myself as I really don’t agree with excess chemicals in cosmetics, nor do I agree with the cruelty to animals (which sadly still is a huge problem) I did initially feel a bit of a traitor going in to a Lush store and asking for help, thinking that if they found out what I was doing for a degree they’d get some heavies from the back and throw me out! A little crazy, I’m aware, but that was the inner most fear I had about going through the threshold of the shop.

Having the ME/CFS, I have a really weird variety of sensitivities with my skin – at one point I was photosensitive for example and was unable to go out unless I was practically covered head to toe. Recently I noticed a huge increase in how sensitive I was becoming to things such as shampoo, shower gels and even the medicated acne treatment I use. So, out of curiosity (and honestly, as a last ditch attempt to find something that worked) I decided to take the plunge in to Lush’s Norwich store and see if they had any suggestions for me. The sales assistant I dealt with was lovely – she listened to me, my needs and I really feel that she actually cared; not just that faux-interest in you that is commonplace in stores such as, and I feel like a traitor saying it, Boots. I decided upon getting in to the store, rather than deal with every issue at once I chose to just focus on one – my dry skin – and get some testers for some other products such as shampoos and come back at a later date. Again, the sales assistant (and I really wish I knew her name because she really was lovely & I have made an effort to see her to speak to on more than one occasion) was really lovely about this and went out of her way to make sure I had a good selection of products to try!

As it was, I came home with a tub of Lemony Flutter and their Popcorn Lip Scrub – both of which I’d heard great things of from friends. Particularly the Lemony Flutter as it’s popular with my friends who love nail art and such and they adore the stuff – I can finally understand why. I have a little patch of dry skin on my finger where, as a child, I used to suck it in my sleep & this stuff has softened it more than anything ever has. Also, it smells like Lemon Refreshers – which takes me back to a very happy place! The lip scrub has been worth its weight in gold, I’m a sucker for a bright lipstick and, as such, I often find myself still wearing yesterdays lipstick – this stuff is brilliant at both making sure my lips are smooth so that the application is long lasting, but also helps at getting yesterdays lipstick off. (Although, Maybelline 24 Super Stay is actually indestructible and even lip scrub can’t always get that off!)

The testers were also very useful, within a week I was back in the store and buying myself a tub of Big! This shampoo, while a really weird consistency initially is really easy to use when you have the hang of it and also, it leaves my hair soft, curly and most importantly it leaves me able to not wash for 2 or 3 days without dry shampoo! While I imagine it could be quite drying on hair, as someone who suffers with quite oily hair this is the best shampoo I’ve found that both adds to the volume of my hair AND cuts through the grease. The I Love Juicy was nice but… it left my hair looking a little lank – while it cleaned it beautifully, I didn’t like how my hair looked when it was dry! 

So, having been converted to shampoo I decided to brave the city centre with no make up (and VERY big shades) and see if they could help with my acne. Up until a few months ago when I took the plunge in to Lush, I had been using a prescription gel which left me dry and pretty ugly under a foundation – and still spotty. Not pretty! So, after a bit of an investigation I came home with a pot of Dark Angels. It smells amazing and the charcoal/mud combination is pretty fun to apply too – coming from a girl who loved making mud pies – though, my mum might say something different after the state I leave the bathroom in! In 6 weeks I’ve used about a quarter of the £6(ish) tub with a 5-times-a-week application and the difference that has been made in my skin is just amazing; the redness that had plagued me for years has completely disappeared, my skintone is even, spots have gone down and not reappeared – it’s actually crazy. I’ve stopped using my medicated cream and use only this and tea tree oil and the improvement is just… well it’s indescribable to be fair. My skin hasn’t looked as healthy in years, that’s the truth of it. 

I wish I could use more from Lush, having read reviews I’d love to use their dry shampoo but unfortunately, it has grapefruit in, meaning I can’t use it! I had a pretty rough reaction when I nabbed a bit of my sisters Ocean Scrub – not realising that it had grapefruit in, I ended up with legs covered in hives (so naturally I went out and bought You Snap The Whip moisturising/exfoliating bar to use after a leg shave instead. It smells heavenly!) Come next week, when I have pennies from my Easter haul from my grandparents, I shall be hitting the city and seeing what other goodies I can add to my ever growing collection! I might even invest in a bubble bar – it would last me about 3 years how often I feel the urge to get in a bath opposed to shower! 

It is very, very safe to say that I’m a convert & honestly, I would recommend anyone with skin trouble of any sort head to a Lush shop and ask for advice. I never thought I would be converted to Lush, I’ll be honest, I generally found people who shopped there annoying and I found the shop itself intimidating and, dare I say it, a little pretentious! Now I understand why people rave about it – because I’m doing just that right now and after stepping over the threshold and biting the bullet I can say I’d never go back, and my mum works in Boots!

All products I’ve mentioned are linked to the UK website if anyone is interested, but honestly you can’t beat going in to store and getting hands on with the products before you buy them!


Ciao! x


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